Meet Glenice Allison!


Hi there! I’m Glenice Allison from the 883 area of Birmingham. I started Avon not long after the birth of my twins. My husband had just lost his job and I simply responded to an advert where women were talking about the Avon opportunity. I re-started in 2014 and haven’t looked back since.

In 2015 I was selected to become one of the faces for Avon’s UK and ROI Beauty For A Purpose, global campaign. I have bounced back with the sole purpose of making my business a success and offering you the Avon opportunity and now look into developing a team for representatives that seriously want o run their own business.

I am a keen advocate of showing beauty through Diversity and as Avon is the company for women, then I reckon all women can be shown for their beauty. I have two pages on Facebook, the first one is Glenice Avon, but my second page Girls of Colour Wear Avon Too shows images from across the world to showcase the products that all women can wear.
The product reviews are based on customer feedback and personal use. They serve as suggestions only, for reps and customers. I would love to hear how you get on with any of these suggestions and I hope that they help you build your customer base and bring more sales your way.

Be a part of something phenomenal and join my team as we change the world through empowerment, independence and beauty.

Glenice xx


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