#Avon365 Day 202: The #ZenZone with Avon’s Wellbeing Projector Mood Light

Wellbeing Ceramic Mood Lighting

Available in Brochure 15

I have had the pleasure of getting in the Zen Zone and have completely fallen in love with Avon’s new and relaxing , Wellbeing Range. The products are part of a new and exciting range of products that are beautifully packaged make you feel chilled out the moment you open them up. They are designed to give you a feeling of pure, natural energy and put you in a place of total calm. I always encourage people to take time out for themselves because I believe that we all need a good amount of time dedicated to our well-being. I personally love to meditate and centre myself when I wake up and when I go to sleep because it just helps me face the day and gives me a good night’s sleep when I need it. Candles, diffusers and other home fragrances are all part of the wellbeing range. They simply transform the energy in any home and this is something that Avon do really well. The beauty of these fragrances is immeasurable. From the cool cucumber complimenting the bamboo and white freesia will definitely give your home a refreshing lift that gives your senses the mellow, calm that you need after a hard day at work or even to give you a sense of inner peace when you wake up.

The final product in the Wellbeing Range that I tested was the Wellbeing Projector Mood Light. For those of you that have trouble winding down at night, this is perfect for you. The light uses 3 x AAA batteries and gives you a choice of two films to project. The first is with butterflies, the second gives you stars. My daughter absolutely loved this as stars are one of her favourite shapes. I used this before my twins went to bed, discussing constellations with then and just listening to what they had learned at school and getting caught up in the beauty of the changing colours through the film which just made me drift off. It was a perfect end to the day and I love what Avon is bringing to us for this A/W17. I truly hope that you invest in these products. I always advocate trying products that give you a sense of calm and wellbeing and things that give you at least 10 minutes to yourself – away from the stresses and allowing yourself to be centered – Avon is finally moving into that arena and doing it really well.

You can find the original articles on Avon Beauty Connects in the Wellbeing section under the Avon Beauty & Style section. Visit them, they are a fantastic resource.

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Glenice Allison


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