#Avon365 Day 194: What we know so far about #AnewFirst Avon Infinite Effects

Shop and Win

Over the last few days, I have taken the opportunity to explore the various aspects of Avon’s newest and possibly most innovative skincare revolution. A lot of people may think that as an Avon representative, I can’t see the word for the trees in terms of what Avon are about. I started this blog to look at the more positive aspects of our products because I think that we do ourselves down. However, when a fantastic product is about to come our way, it is for us as representatives to really celebrate that.If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will know that I was invited to the launch of this product and can tell you that I am completely floored by the results that I have seen. You can be a lucky winner in my Shop and Win competition (see details below)

Why do I love Avon Anew Infinite Effects?
– The fact that celebrated skincare blogger Caroline Hirons is impressed by this cream speaks volumes.
– In the Avon trials the women were in the trials were treated to one side of their faces to Infinite Effects and the other half of their faces to simple SPF.
– Like so many that watched the promotional video on Infinite Effects, I was floored by the woman that stated that she had to wear her hair on one side of her face because the cream that used the Inifinite Effects really plumped her skin and got rid of the fine lines and wrinkles.
– I also learned about the importance of rotational skincare and the effects on our skin and how the key ingredients can work together in a way that aids anti-wrinkle skincare systems..

What do you need to look out for?
My Shop & Win competition is still continuing!! Lucky winners will win that as yet unreleased amazing product if you Shop and Rate #MyAvonStore. Remember this product won’t be released until September so you will be amongst the first in the UK to receive this product. The rules of the competition can be found here and look out for my other micro-blogs this week, telling you all about why rotational skincare is key to developing your regime; what Northern Ireland representative Amanda had to say about the product and what this new product can mean for your sales once it’s released.

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Thank you.
Glenice Allison


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