Nutra-Effects Day and Night cream: Radiance

Nutra-Effects Day and Night cream (Radiance)

At long last Avon have made a day and night cream that works with my skin!! Avon has a new line of skin care called Nutra Effects and it’s outstanding! There are four types to the range – hydration, balance, radiance and ageless. I’m currently using the Radiance line and LOVE IT!! I like a cream that is deep, rich and luxurious and doesn’t disappear as soon as you put it on. I was a little worried that the lighter Day Cream would evaporate, but Avon have allayed all of my skincare fears. This cream is truly the best.

This product is great for anyone with dry skin that will need extra help in the oncoming winter. The best part is, you don’t need a lot to get the radiant glow, so this is a product that will last for a really long time.  


Chia seeds, pomegranate seeds extract and Strelitzia are the main ingredients in the creams and the creams are enriched with a Vitamin E, provitamin B5 with an additional protective SPF20 moisturiser. They come in two clean glass pots with the distinctive clean Avon look – not overdone and amazing quality. All of the creams are also paraben and dye free, therefore suitable for the most sensitive of skin. When these creams are released, they will cost £5 and under – an absolute bargain!

You won’t find a better cream product to kickstart your skincare regime this winter! Hydration, Balance, Radiance, Ageless and Ageless Advanced. Take your pick because one of them has your name on it. I’m excited. I hope you are too

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